Copyright and Trademark Policy

Finest Herbal Shop LLC respects The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and the intellectual property on this learning platform is also guided by the same Copyright Act. Any form of plagiarism or counter copying of the resources on this platform will be severely frowned upon and necessary legal actions will be taken.

Also, if you believe in good faith and concrete evidence that any of the materials used in this learning platform is yours and proper and legal permission was not sorted before use, you can request the immediate takedown of such resources. 

You can send a direct mail to

Refund Policy

On this learning platform, courses are issued to all desired students without any form of coercion or compulsion. If there is any cause to have a change of heart about acquiring a widely recognized certificate in herbal courses, then you have your legal right to demand a return within the specification of your course level.

We can also choose to or not to return the fund of any student who violates the code and conducts that guides the learning process which may include the instruction to the assessments at the end of each chapter of the courses.

If you pre-enroll for a course and make the full payment. If there is a change of heart and you demand a refund. We will offer you a refund ultimatum of 14 days after the course launches. 

Once you have earned a certificate with your payment, you are not eligible for a refund even if it is within 14 days. 

We do not offer a refund for courses that have been taken beyond the 45% progress measure. Payment for practical courses is not refundable due to the budgeted expenses for the practical materials. 

Term of Use

You can use our services only if you can form a binding contract with us. When you create a study account on our platform, you must provide accurate and complete information some of which will reflect on your certificate. 

Your payment will be duly verified before you can access the course and refunds are subject to the refund policy.

Our License to You

We grant you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to our services. Resources on this platform are available at your disposal alone. Third-party is not allowed to access unless you forfeit your place as the direct student. 

Using our services does not give you ownership of or any intellectual property rights in our services or the resources.