How To Get Healing from 5 Medicinal Herbs through Herbal Bath and Tea

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In this short course, you will be introduced to the special way of extracting healing from medicinal herbs. Bath healing is one of the ancient ways but uncommon among people, that you can use your herbs instead of drinking as tea or swallowing as a pill.
Bath healing is as effective as other mediums of using herbs. You will learn a lot about this in this course. Also, this course will enlighten you on the ways and benefits of herbal tea with a focus on the five specially selected herbs and flowers for the course.
The herbs in focus in this course are Lavender, Rose, Calendula, Chamomile, and Lemon balm. You will be taught how to extract the herbs from these herbs to make bathing water and herbal teas.
This is one of those things that if you just take a little bit of time to implement, the return on your time investment is going to amaze you and you will seriously wonder why you haven’t been bathing with herbs all along.
Herbal bathing reduces stress which is one of the most effective things to improve vitality and taking time to luxuriate in the bath is a well-known stress-buster.


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