November 6, 2022

How To Use National Herbs To Create Skincare And Hair Care Herbal Products

Course Description

This course examines innovative and modern ways of making skincare and hair care products from natural herbs in a professional and health standard. Skin products that cause great skin problems like skin burns, rashes, pimples, stress marks, Eczema and other skin infections. Also hair problems like Eczema, Dandruff, rashes, ringworm, scalp itching, bumps and other hair infections. This course covers all the extractions and implementation for skin and hair treatments.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the meaning of Natural Herbs
  • Where and how to the right Natural Herbs for Skincare and Hair care
  • Understand ways to extract materials for Skincare and Hair care
  • Know ways to care for your Hair using Natural herbs
  • Know ways to care for your Skin using Natural herbs
  • Precautions and Cautions of extracting, mixing and uses of Natural Herbs for Skin and Hair care


Students: Enrolled and registered individuals and lovers of Natural Herbs


Prerequisites: Students readiness and commitment


What Will I Learn?

  • What are Natural Herbs?
  • Where to get natural herbs for skincare and hair care
  • How to get natural herbs for skincare and hair care
  • When to get natural herbs for skincare and hair care
  • What do you understand by Skin and Hair Cares
  • What is skin care?
  • Types of human skin
  • What is hair care?
  • Types of human hair
  • Ways to Care for the Skin
  • Ways to Care for the Hair
  • Methods or Ways of extracting Materials for Skin treatment from Herbs
  • Methods or Ways of Extracting Materials for Hair treatment from Herbs
  • Types or Forms of Skincare and Hair care Products
  • Benefits and Uses of Herbal Skincare and Hair care Products
  • Precautions and Cautions of Extracting, Mixing, Uses of Herbs for Skin and Hair care

Course Content

It is nice to have you here. As you certainly know, the care of the skin is the ultimate deal of beauty. Regardless of age, taking care of our skin is an important step in self beautification. But, the process of achieving accurate skin care has become tedious and delicate due to the increase in the number of skincare brands worldwide, therefore, making it difficult to trust a particular brand with the duty of providing a perfect skincare product is not almost impossible, if not impossible. This course takes you through the journey of making reliable and trustworthy skincare products that you can use privately or distribute and sell into any market in the world. Prescriptions and procedures in the course are clear and safe to practice with little or no prior knowledge about product making – that is what makes it the best course for beginners! You learn the procedure of making over 15 skin soaps, 10 skin body cream, and addition of pink lips creams. Ingredients are natural fruits with high therapeutic properties. It is 100% natural, no chemical. The process of learning in the course is self-explanatory, with enough pictorial references for ingredients identification and procedure guidance. The course consists of 7 phases in total with an intermittent simple assessment at the end of each phase that tests your understanding of the concluded phase. Phase one is dedicated to the calculation of formulas. The product's ingredients are based on formula, in order to achieve the expected outcome. Therefore, this phase is dedicated to educate the students on simple ways of converting and calculating formulas. Phase two consists of cream products made from butters that cure skin blemishes and conditions such as stretch marks, whitening or skin moisturizing. Phase three discusses various cream lotions that are achievable with natural ingredients. Knuckle cream, body glow and many others Phase four focuses on making creams that are suitable to all face skin, with different purposes such as pimple removal, face brightening, face whitening, and sunburn removal. Phase five explores the various kinds of African black soap paste that can be used to tackle different kinds of skin attacks such as spots, inflammation, sunburn, and pimples. Phase six teaches about various body scrubs in the form of soaps and creams, under which procedures to make pink lips will be taught and face polishing and other emulsifying scrubs. Phase seven concludes the course with skin management.










About the instructor

Anthia Wint

Herbal Therapist

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This course is amazing, it is extremely thorough and in depth.

Great starting point for learning Swift. If you have never programmed, or never used Swift it is a great place to start.

Durations: 200 hours
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Students: Max 800
Level: Expert
Language: English
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Material Includes

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  • 7 downloadable resources
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  • Anyone that is looking to make money with Natural Skincare
  • Anyone that is looking how to make skincare products

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