Trusted by 100 Learners.

Trusted by 100 Learners.

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Holistic chase's door is wide open to academic partnership with any individual author or group author who has the intellectual capacity to create high-demand courses that our learners can benefit from and be certified. This opportunity is available to any course that has met the academic standard equivalent to a university syllabus and can be integrated into a health curriculum and can validate any certificate of learning that will be issued afterward. Holistic Chase is a learning platform that focuses on herbal studies. The innovative and broad scope of studies that are in the herbal niche.

What Do You Gain?

Aside from the fact that thousands of learners across the world will be so glad to acquire new knowledge through your course/book which will also be an addition to your credibility as an author (course or book), you will earn 60% on every subscription activated on your course and every purchase on your book. You will also be credited with the contributor privileges that guide the academic standard our learning platform adopts.

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Become part of an inspiring, talented community of Herbalists, and make a living doing what you love.

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    You can also sell your book that focuses on any of the aforementioned areas on our platforms.

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